Customer returns, refunds and exchanges 

1. Payment 

1A. Rosie’s currently only accepts card payments from MasterCard, maestro, visa, Apple Pay, G pay, American Express, and offers both chip and pin or contactless payment. 

1b. Online payments can be made by Master card, Maestro, Visa, Apple pay, Gpay and American Express. PayPal will also be accepted as a form of payment online. 

1c. No other payment methods are currently available at this time. 

2. Item returns criteria 

-Item must have store tags attached 

-must have full receipt and original payment method 

-Item must be unused condition 

-item must retain any original packaging 

-Have not been altered in any way 

– see gift section for gift criteria 

2.Refunds in store

2a.Refunds processed through our till system are subjected to check during the process and will only be processed if these checks are complied with. Refunds can only be processed to the original card the payment was made using. Customer will be asked to sign the first receipt and this is to be matched visually with the receipt on the back of the payment card. Once this has been verified on the till system they will have to complete their details on a second receipt that we keep and a customer copy of the returns card receipt and till receipt will be issued to them for their records. 

2b.refunds will not be offered if 

– if the original payment method is not available 

-a person returns the item outside of the 14 day returns period

-The item was marked as faulty or damaged and noted at point of sale non-returnable due to this. 

2c.Return payments to customers will be processed automatically and banked into their account within 2-10 business working days depending on the individual banks processing time.

3. Returns 

3a. Our standard returns policy for items bought is 14 days. This applies in-store purchases, except in case of sale items where you have 7 days to return (exclusions apply).

3b. If the item is unused, in its original packaging and accompanied by a valid proof of purchase, we’ll offer a full refund. This includes original method of payment. This does not affect your statutory rights.  

3c. Returns will not be offered if: 

  • Customer knew the item was faulty when purchased
  • If they have damaged the item whilst trying to repair it themselves or getting someone else to do it. though they may still have the right to repair, replacement or partial refund.
  • No longer want the item (for example wrong size or wrong colour) unless it was brought without seeing it e.g., online.

3d. Returned items must meet these conditions in order to receive a full refund.

3e. If the item does not meet our returns criteria the return of the item will be refused. 

3f. Shop payment returns must be refunded onto the original method of payment and this is to be checked against receipt. the person must then sign the receipt and the signature must be checked to ensure a match. You must then confirm with the till that the signature is a match and customer must complete their details on and additional receipt. The customer will then be issued with a returns receipt and all other details are filed.

3h. Items can be exchanged for the same item in a different size or a similar item of similar size. items must have original receipt to be exchanged and be in original packaging with tags still attached. Items that do not match the original price the customer must either pay the difference or receive a refund for the difference in cost or item. This must comply with the above refunds statement. 


 4a. Online returns can be made within the 14 days of postage. Items must comply with returns criteria for refunds.  Online items can be given 3 working days leeway on returns due to postage system and collection.

4b. online order customers have the right to cancel their order for a limited time even if the goods are not faulty. This means a customer can cancel their order up until the item is processed and posted. After this point the customer will have to go through the online returns procedure once they have received their order. Their right it cancel means they will receive a full refund for the item they have purchased. 

4c. Online returns or exchanges must be received with the returns label completed by the customer with item in original packaging and tags still attached to item. Return or exchange can then be completed through the online system.  

-We ask customers to provide a reason for returning an item so we can improve on our practice, but the customer does not have to provide a reason for returns. 

4d. Once receiving an returned order from online, the item will be checked to ensure that it complies with our returns criteria we will either

-issue a full refund for the cost of the item 

If customers has requested a refund and the item complies with our returns criteria an refund will be processed within 14 days of receiving the item and payment will be received within 2-10 business working days dependant on the individual bank.  

4e. If the item does not comply with our returns criteria the refund will be refused. 

5. Faulty or damaged products 

5a. Faulty or damaged goods can be exchanged for the same product where possible. If not possible will be returned for a full refund as per policy will require proof of purchase receipt and original payment method. 

5b. Damaged goods will be deducted from stock and will not be sold in shop. Damaged goods label will need to be completed and filed.

6. Sales 

6a. Sale items are to be approved before hand and the amount discounted can vary.

6b. Items will be clearly marked with the % the item is discounted by and only applies to that item. 

4c. An item must be sold as priced on the label. Incorrect pricing may lead to confusion of the customer and Rosie’s Childrenswear endeavours to ensure that prices of items are clearly marked and so sold correctly. 

6d. Sales can be held for any period of time advertised but Rosie’s childrenswear reserves the right to withdraw the sale at any time. 

7. Discount vouchers 

7a. The store does not accept photocopies or photographs of discount vouchers.

7b. Offer only applies during the time scale provided and cannot be used after this point. 

7c. Offer is subject to terms and conditions 

7d. We reserve the right to withdraw this offer without prior notice 

7e. The voucher has no monetary value and can only be used on qualifying purchases  

7f. Sale products must be approved before hand and sold for the price labelled.

7g. Discounts other – discounts can be applied at managers discretion for items that have making or are damaged or faulty. As standard individual item can receive 10% for light making, 20% for heavy making and minor damage, or 30% For damage, faulty or have a missing item. Discounts more than this will need to be approved by the store owner and this discount applies to the item individually. The reason for this will need to be written on the receipt and are non-refundable due to this. Receipt can be amended on the noted section of each item with non-refundable, non-returnable, discounted due to, or damaged along with the reason and the discount amount. 

8. Gift 

8a.Items that are returned with a gift receipt must comply with our returns criteria but do not have to have the original tags still attached to the item. Gifted items can be exchanged for the same item in a different size or can be exchanged for any other item of same value. They can also choose an item of a higher value than the original item and must pay the remaining balance of the item. No refunds in price difference are to be given.